The Ultimate In Customized Mugs

Custom tappers are famous people and a present that are tailored to reflect their own taste and character, such thoughtful little calls. These cups are an excellent way to catch special moments or simply to convey various types. Normally these cups can be a little costly to ship and prove hard to alter after the design has been picked. The alternative method allows a lot more customization, so that the owner changes the taste design as much as he or she wants. Chalkboard mugs are an incredible gift choice for designers, those who write notes and like to make their own designs and teachers.

The first thing you need to make a chalkboard mug is clearly the coffee mug. You would want a cup color to compliment the paint that is worn on the crack board. A cheap bowl can serve only a plus one, and it is costly to buy a basic solid colored bowl, but unless you need a bowl with possibly a pattern.

Next is the painting on the crayon. This is generally very costly although it can be found in many craft and art stores. Fortunately, calcareous paint at home is cheap and easy to produce. You’ll want to buy your colors or colors in any color you think is suitable for your project. Ceramic or perhaps porcelain paint is the best choice for cups. You would then have to go to the closest home improvement shop to collect some non-sanded tile grass. Mix a cup of paint with 2 tablespoons of grout to help render the chalk board paint. Combine well this mixture so that there are no lumps, and you can easily have an appealing, affordable chalkboard paint in your choice of color or maybe color.

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Next is just a case of the chalkboard painting of the cup. Feel free to make this step creative; you can use stencils to, for example, create crack areas in various shapes and sizes instead of painting the entire cup with the calcareous paint. The possibilities are almost endless and you can even make designs on the chalkboard area using regular paint. Please ensure a nice, smooth chalkboard coating is purchased on the mug. Put in an oven set to low heat for a few hours to support the paint and tie into the bowl. It’s all set to be seen when you take the cup out and allow it to cool.


Since presentation is everything, it is time this unique gift was made before it was offered to the recipient. Very definitely the intelligent thing you should provide with this form of gift projects is a small crack box, ideally in colors different so that the recipient can become absolutely creative about your idea. Consider covering the whole transaction in clear donation paper, then take it easy and watch the recipient face lighten with joy.

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