Is Medical Marijuana Legal In California?

In the United States, 14 states are actually allowing recreational use of marijuana. California was also the very first state of these fourteen states to make marijuana legal for its patients. However, why is California legal for medical marijuana?

The Compassionate Use Act was passed in 1996, which could also be known as Proposition 215 which stated that patients with weakening medical conditions have the right to legal cannabis use. However, the person may only use the substance for medical purposes and only if the qualified physician recommended this. This act was adopted on 5 November and voted for by fifty-six percent.


And if you now think of “is legal in California medicinal marijuana,” the answer will be to say yes, but only to patients approved for medical purposes. The person should be subject to conditions such as glaucoma, cancer , AIDS, constant muscle spasm, extreme nauses, etc. in order to be allowed to use marijuana in California. In addition, a licenced physician should provide the person with a written recommendation. Next, the individual would need to complete a form and then send it to the registration office in 4 6 months from where they will receive a reply.

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Since buying or perhaps consuming marijuana is an offence under federal laws, the patient’s right to possess marijuana is strictly limited. A patient may have eight ounces of marijuana in dried form and six mature plants in California. In addition, the person should be 20 years old and older, and selling the drug to a minor person is a criminal offence. Prison provides penalties for consuming marijuana illegally. When an organisation has been found to sell or even illicit marijuana to minors, it can be forbidden from possessing and selling the drug and can also be imprisoned and fined.

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